The Perfect Gift for Clients and Colleagues

Corporate gifting is a small step taken by all businesses to maintain cordial relationships with their clients. Only by nurturing, cultivating and maintaining a relationship can you hope to cross any divides and work towards a common goal. Often these gifts convey to the client that you care about their success, goals and their lives. Thus, the goal of any B2B gifts should be to:

  1. ​Nurture good relationships which will, in turn, generate new leads and improve traffic to your company.
  2. Provide incentives to customers to make them stick around
  3. Reinforces your brand and sets you apart
  4. Realize that they are human and make them feel special.

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The important aspects of successful B2B gifting are: 

  • They should have a personal touch 
  • They should be memorable

Personalization conveys to your clients that you are interested in their lives and every aspect of the relationship matters to you.  It is always a personal interaction that makes you stand out.  Just make sure the gift carries the recipient's name, family name, initials or children's name -- Not Yours!

Make it memorable.  Mugs, candles and calendars are common and repetitious and at times also convey "I don't care" attitude.  A fool-proof B2B gift is innovative, intuitive and meaningful. 

Make it appropriate.  Do not try to get overly friendly with a client who maintains distance.  The key to a perfect gift is to know what to give, whom to give it to and when. 

Start Early.  If you want you gift to stand out, you must start early; last minute deals are always boring and common.  

To personalize each gift, you must collect all data about each client and then get down to the business of choosing a gift that will be useful to the client. Think of your clients when buying a gift and not about you.

A few tips here:

  • ​ Firstly, you must have a budget for your gifts. Lavish gifts are not advisable at all; you must not give the impression that you are bribing a client.
  • A business who understands your needs and makes the gifts truly memorable and takes care of an attached card and shipping worldwide is your best bet. ​

Personalizing a gift requires time and effort; your client will be thrilled to receive a personalized gift because it shows that you care enough to spend time on choosing a gift that is meaningful.  Giving gifts is a small gesture but it plays a big role in the customer relationships and will help in the growth of your business. 

A client, employee, boss, colleague, friend or family member always remembers how you made them feel!