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For those who do not know Sammy G is also a full time Realtor in Toronto.


In the fall of 1995, after graduating from The University of Western Ontario and uncertain as to what she wanted to do, Sammy G chose to team up with her Top Producing mother, Cheryl Graff at Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage.

It was through what she always believed would be a stepping stone business she learned and mastered numerous transferable skills she utilizes today in both businesses.

“As a little girl, I just wanted to be with my mom. So, when she asked if I would come look at gifts for her clients, I jumped at the chance to spend time with her. She seemed to have an addiction with the Mariposa line at the time. I guess that was the trend back then.

I used to like looking at the price tags and gasped at what she would spend. Sometimes, I told her I liked something better when she asked my opinion because it was less expensive. She picked up on it and started hiding the price tags on me. She would say, “Which do YOU like better? Forget the price.”

My learning experience in deciding what I liked was stunted by my desire to be financially respectful. Although my respect for a dollar clearly existed, I did not have the experience and/or understanding of the value of gift giving to a client.”

Fast forward to Sammy G working with her mother and experiencing first hand the Real Estate business.

“I quickly recognized the importance of making a client feel appreciated and the relationship building process, not just with those who bought from The Graff Girls but all those who referred us, too.”

Sammy G’s style and choice became her own….

“I was tired of Mariposa and I was new in the Real Estate business with not much of a cash flow for gifts. I figured other young professionals were in a similar position. I thought how can I help myself and others build these important relationships with a comfortable budget for gifts.

As I was recognizing the value of purchasing useable items, I was being praised for my talent in baking cookies. My connect the dots brain went to work and I combined the home baked cookie theme with a usable item such as planters, vases, candy dishes and at Christmas big wreaths or French Horns. Anything the client could potentially display and keep myself and other young professionals Top of Mind with present, potential clients or supportive friends, family and/or colleagues. ”

Needless to say sammygs cookies, items and prices were a HIT! Business cards, logo and the beginning of sammygs branding was in the works.

I worked with a creative marketer who suggested the idea of blankets with my cookies. I absolutely looooved the idea and felt how much more warm and fuzzy and homey can we get here? Furthermore, the blankets would be personalized. It was the entrepreneur/realtor dream combo come true.”


“Cheryl and I walked and talked alike but Cheryl being a mother and much more experienced in business made her act fast, efficiently and push through any client situation. She was the one who got the job done. I, on the other hand, was the analytical, sensitive and detailed oriented one, triple checking to be sure the clients’ needs were being met and fulfilled and constantly worrying about their emotional well being.

Furthermore, I dreamt up all sorts of creative BIG ideas! Perhaps, a bit too out there at times for Cheryl. Why change a good thing? With respect to her outstanding success, I agreed and took my big ideas to take sammygs to another level. The Internet.

It was upon seeing and hearing the longevity of the personalized blankets in the homes of past clients and those who supported The Graff Girls (back then known as a Youth + Experience) that I truly recognized the value of a personalized gift and chose to focus on that part of the business. At the same time, clients were asking for more personalized items. The Sammyg line expanded including towels, animal blankies, robes, bags, bibs onesies and more. My attention to detail went about searching for the perfect combo of fabric to create my now famous, exclusive and Canadian made, personalized baby and adult blankets. Proudly known today, as sammygs SAVVY blanket! The GO TO blanket gift and item for so many clients and their families around the world.

“Sammygs, by far, is the best quality, service and overall online gift purchasing experience, I’ve ever had.  I use Sammygs exclusively for client and employee special life event gift giving and have always, every single time, had raving heart felt thanks. “

Robyn Barker PwC

With a strong desire to be top of mind with my nieces and nephews who outgrew my baby/kids line but shy of my adult line, I went to work on finding the perfect plaid PJ bottoms to personalize across the bum or down the leg. Because I was not satisfied with the selection of plaids available, I decided to create PJ bottoms that are FUN, sweet and full of an energy and spirit I am so honored to be acknowledged for my clients and those I meet today.

It was by putting two different plaid PJ bottoms side by side and wishing to combine the different colours from each for my perfect plaid, the light bulb went off for what is known today as SAMJAMS – Canadian made PJ bottoms offering 2 different styles on alternate legs.

Embroidered personalization could have been done but after creating over 200 unique styles, I realized the personalization was in the chosen combo of patterns offered on each leg that the client chose for the recipient or themselves.

It was so much fun creating all these combos but even more, fun watching little ones choose their SAMJAMS. It made me feel like I was helping them grow by asking the parents to step back or at times leave the room while the kids chose what they liked, not what their parents liked.

Today, I could not be more thankful for finding the balanced fulfillment both my businesses provide for me. I am grateful for my loyal clients, many since 1997, when I first began sammygs cookies and gifts and 1995 for real estate. ”

Sammygs.com and SAMJAMS have been seen on Cityline, Canada AM, Rogers Television, The Mike Chalut Show, Breakfast Television and has supported a numerous amount of charities, not limited to…. Jacob’s Ladder, Mount Sinai Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, Sick Kids, JFandCS, Covenant House, POGO, Baycrest Hospital…

Sammy g has a reputation for OUTSTANDING service“Now, that is SERVICE! Thank you xo Elise” (March 2016)Elise Kalles, Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd. (Sammyg client since 1997)

Her clients range from the everyday consumer to the Elite Business Professional. Due to her patience and guidance in selecting the perfect gift, she has clients who have been using her since 1997.

This continued loyalty is a testimonial to Sammy G.Sammy G feels, client emails of praise and photos of products she has created remind her every day she is doing what she is meant to do… helping others and spreading warmth and smiles around the world.

She is truly thankful for all of those who help her live a life of fulfillment, love, and creativity. Your support and confidence help her grow and prosper.

 Samantha Graff Benmor aka SAMMYG