Realtors, Lawyers, Dentists & Doctors who are Specialist, Service Industries, BY REFERRAL ONLY

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WELCOME & CONGRATULATIONS as you are about to grow your business in a valuable and meaningful way with very little effort.  

Whatever your business entails we are assuming you have a database or are looking to begin or grow one.  

SammyG has been a realtor since 1995 - you do the math :) and one thing that has been of great value is her ability to not only be one of the best in Toronto regarding pricing of homes and investment properties, developed and strong negotiating skills, an eye for design and style and what can be, attention to detail regarding who is buying what and exactly in which neighbourhood, understanding what her clients need or want to make a move up or down or to a different life stage BUT she also has maintained strong relationships and stayed top of mind with past, present and potential clients and sources of referrals.

This is where Sammygs Personalized Gifts come in.  Specifically, our blankets, robes, toques, bag organizers and yoga towels. Knowing you clients and their families is key.  Are you reading this thinking this is too much work? It really is not in today's day between social media, texting and yes even a quick call.

We are so confident that we are offering a gift for every 15 of whatever you order which will be reviewed as of 2 points in the calendar year.  June 30th and December 31st.  

To clarify if as a realtor you do 20+ closings in a year and you do 2 robes per closing you have already earned yourself 2 FREE Waffle SPA LUX Robes but more importantly you have stayed top of mind with your client and will most likely receive a referral from them.  Furthermore, you will look like a ROCK STAR when they tell their friends who's realtor did not give them anything on closing.  Tangible items stay top of mind and Personalized items stay in the home and heart til their next move or they hear of someone who wants to move.  

This is what truly makes you their Realtor For Life! 

So our Question to you is, Why would you not spend $220-$280 to receive a Listing or a Buyer? 

Lawyers who specialize, Dentists, Service Businesses how much of your business relies on referral and if it does not how can it grow your business if you were to start receiving referrals? 

Recently, I did a campaign with a lawyer who truthfully has a great name in his area of expertise but was spending a ton of money on social media.  I suggested he pick his top 10 sources of referral most were professionals but a few were past clients.  

We sent each of them a robe out of nowhere just as a thank you for their support over the years.  The emails and calls of gratitude blew the lawyer away that he said he wants to do more.  I suggested instead of doing them out of the blue he might want to go a step further and let's find out their birthdays.  I mean it is so easy with social media these days :) 

Many professionals have birthday alerts or ecards set up in a system.  Think about it your insurance broker probably sends you a birthday card, your realtor any store you frequent - ladies think Sephora ok men, too - he/she world! :) 

WHAT IF for your top sources of referrals you actually sent or think about WHAT IF you received a personalized robe how would it make you feel? One of the reasons personalized gifts work so well is that it is not a gift that we would typically buy for ourselves.  My mother taught me way back, the best gift you can give someone is one they would not buy for themselves. If you do not know my mother google her as she is one fabulous woman :) 

I want to address one other question of concern some have had - the intimacy of it all or not knowing the person so well but wanting to stay top of mind - like nike says JUST DO IT!  Here's why, they are most definitely NOT expecting it and that in itself wows them.  The personalization and quality and generosity just goes that much further.  Also, we all know women have softened the corporate world with vulnerability aka strength.  Think about it and always happy to discuss further.  

As Maya Angelou says 

People might not remember what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel.

One more point, did you notice we have no hard items we sell? Blankets, robes, towels, toques, onesies?  Want to know why besides for shipping is easier... they represent softness, heartfelt.  Sammygs gifts leave the gift giver and the recipient feeling warm and fuzzy.  We truly believe we spread smiles around the world.  

Are you ready to implement our soft personalized gifts into your systems and grow, maintain or simply soften your business?

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