Additional Address Delivery Charge | ON & QC

Additional Address Delivery Charge | ON & QC

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This charge is for when you have ordered multiple gift packages or items and wan tto ship to additional addresses

For example 

Baby Gift Set 21G-1 - The Hall Family - 123 Holm Rd, TO, ON M4N 7L9

Baby Gift Set 5B-1 - The Smith Family - 12 Love Street, Hamilton, ON L5J 4B2

You will be charged automatically for one shipping charge when entered but you can select this item and you can note the baby's name and gift selected (you must select the gift first and fill out the necessary text and thread choice where applicable) and then add the family name and address to the sellers notes 

Otherwise you must order one gift or gift package at a time and fill out the shipping address and be billed separately  It is how any large online store does it but we were trying to make the user experience easier here not sure if it is more confusing but we are trying :)

There really is a SammyG and she is here to help.

Please feel free to email or call us any time.