Baby Gift Set | 1B-2

Baby Gift Set | 1B-2

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Sometimes when you can't decide between a few great gift ideas, it's best to send them all!  This premium 3pc Baby Gift Set is sure to make any little one's day.

This Gift Set Includes:

⭐1 - Personalized Monkey Animal Blanket with soft blue thread (as seen in photo (a giraffe will be substituted if out of stock)

⭐1 - Personalized Hooded Monkey Animal Towel with soft blue thread (as seen in photo)

⭐1 - Personalized baby Savvy Blanket - soft blue/white with navy blue thread (as seen in photo)


  • All items are Machine Washable
  • 100% Cotton Hooded Towel
  • Plush Animal Head with Satin Trim
  • Animal blanket and towel recommended for newborns to age 2
  • Lush Velour Fur Interior with Knit Exterior

🇨🇦 Canadian Made Savvy Blanket lasts as long as 12 years according to client testimonials!

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*Price includes one name with gift-wrapping | additional $15 will be charged for an additional name.